Monday, October 09, 2006

Quick Crochet

Really. Really, really. Let's begin.

Friday night I got my Dyson. and let me just say that I am SOOO in love with my new vacuum. It works. Well. Really well. I've vacuumed twice since I got it. I will vacuum tonight when I get home because I was too lazy to do so after Saturday's yarn party. Yes, yarn party, but I'm getting there. So I got my Dyson at Best Buy because we had a coupon for 12% off any one item, and that was the item I chose. We paid 377. after tax, then I saw it at Walmart for 379. plus tax so I was happy. Very very very very happy. Love you dyson. Moving on.

Saturday at 3 something Hans, Kerry & the girls came over to my in-laws to go swimming and hang out, lots of fun, poor kids about turned blue, I think the water is only about 81. Oh the humanity, I know! But they played in it for about 45 minutes, then out and over to our place for the yarn party.

Yes, yarn party. Well, Birthday party with yarn. Kerry's birthday. She made cookies - LOTS of cookies - LOTS of FANTASTIC cookies. They will put on any weight this baby has failed to put on me, let me tell you... she left them at my house. LIKE 50 COOKIES ON MY TABLE! I brought in a few to share with the work folks. We've been eating lots of cookies at home. They are so soft, and so delicious, and since I did not make them, really good. And soft and delicious. Anyway, 4 of the crochet girls came over, a couple with their people, a couple not. We had sausage, and beer can chicken and it was good. Then, the best part... the yarn swap! We went to my room, sat on my bed and poured out our bags of we-dont-you-yarn for everyone to paw through and pet and take. I got 2 skeins of Red Heart Fiesta in Wheat, which I took for it's sweater making appeal, but I got rid of, I mean so thoughtfully gave away a ton of other stuff. Travis said that I may not replenish the stash of what I got rid of. Thats ok, really. I've been doing really good lately only getting stuff for a specific project. After yarn, everyone went home. It was fun.

So, Sunday morning I sat watching horrible cartoons on tv, trying to decide whom would be the recipient of the sweater I was about to make with my Fiesta. I thought that it would be a great color on my Dad, but I'm already making him a sock and he's not really the greedy type. Then, since I 0nly have 2 skeins I thought about making one for Jake, but then remembered that I hate the sweater I'm making for my Mom, and she won. I worked on it for the sum total of about 5 hours yesterday, and got as far as the armhole shaping. I was impressed with myself.

Side note to my mother: I know you're really really really going to want to clicky on the pic link but just say no. The suprise is much better than knowing ahead of time, so I'm told. Hopefully I did not get my impatience from you and you actually will be able to not click. I am not so strong. If you do click, act suprised anyway. Love you!

Anyway, this is what it looks like right now:

It's hard to see the detail, but (this bit in inviso text *) It has a braided cable on either side and a diamond trellis in bobbles. IIt looks great, I really like it, and it shouldnt take me too long to finish. That pic is the back, and by tonight I should be finished with it... in theory anyway.

My progress on this sweater did 2 things... kept me from working on Dad's socks and kept me from feeling much pain at the stupid football game. Eventually the Bucs have to win, right?

Anyway, that's it for now, I'll take a pic for tomorrow to note my progress (assuming I've made some).

Babyville: 26 weeks LMP, Sean weigs 1.68 lbs or 760 grams, He is 14.02 inches or 35.6 cm long. I have a doc appt tomorrow morning, wish me luck.

*For those new to inviso text (not you Mom) highlight it and you will be able to see the words.*

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