Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday 13, on Thursday

Thirteen Things about Brandee

13 Things I want for Christmas/Birthday/just because
1. A yarn shop, or a winning lotto ticket with which to buy one
2. A maid
3. A new camera that does close ups and far aways really well and that turns on when I turn it on and not take 10 minutes to decide to allow me to take a pic
4. A hair appt with a magician that can make me beautiful without me having to do anything with it but wake up, and possibly brush it
5. A new vacuum … kidding, I love my Dyson!
6. A Brandee’s Friends reunion – and I am working on it
7. I want my garage cleaned out so we can do the den in there
8. I want the den done in there so I can do the baby’s room
9. I want the baby’s room done so I can put the baby in there
10. New Sugarland cd coming out 1st week of November
11. Tickets to see Brooks & Dunn (because Sugarland is opening up for them)
12. An appropriate place for all my yarn/crochet/knit/craft fair crap
13. A nap

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