Monday, October 23, 2006

sock adventures, real knitting, a sweater and duck shoes

So this weekend was pretty busy. As you know, on Friday night I finished not only my Mom's sweater, but also my Dad's sock. So Saturday morning I cast on Tracie's 2nd sock. It's done, except for the toe join and thats only because I forgot my needle at home - I didnt really think I'd get it done this quick! Before lunch it looked like this:

Now it looks like that only longer with a toe done but not joined. Magic. Gnomes!

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. So Saturday I cast on the sock, and did quite a bit of work on it since I was home alone with nothing to do, not even anything really on tv. So I knit away. Got pretty far then, and also brought it with us on Sunday when we went to Epcot, although mostly for the ride there and back. While at Epcot, I only managed to knit 2 rounds, but I did introduce the sock to real knitting. This was in the shop at Norway. They have Dale Sweaters - a whole whack of them! The sock was impressed.

I was not so impressed when Travis took this
before handing over the camera:

This is definatly not my most attractive moment. However, it was 94 degrees outside, and I am 28 weeks pregnant. I was not pleased. I was very very very hot. We stuffed our face, lost 8 pounds each through perspiration and had an all around good time. We got in the truck at halftime, listened to the game all the way home and got home in time to watch the last half of the last quarter. That was the most exciting last 2 minutes of a football game I have EVER seen! Our kicker kicked a 62 yard field goal. Up until yesterday he was unable to make anything over 30. The NFL record is 63 yards. He won the game with his 62 yard beauty. I spent 5 minutes slack jawed in shock. I was so pleased. Yay, go bucs! Moving on.

So as you know I finished Mom's sweater on Friday night. Here is it's picture (Mom, do I even need to tell you no peeking anymore?):

I brought it into work to try it on my Mom Model - Damarys, and it looks like this:

I need to use a needle and thread to close up some of the holes caused by too big of a needle (which gave me gauge... obviously, since it fits!). That wont take too long I hope, and will be perfect. Damarys said it was so warm and cozy, but I did manage to pry it off her since it's 76 degrees in the office, and not really sweater weather! I'm pleased as punch that I can mark one whole Christmas gift off my list! Add to the 3 halves of Christmas gifts (well, 2 once I join the damn toe) and more yay!

I got an email from an ex friend of an ex friend of mine (funny, that) through my e-crafter account. She wants to commission duck shoes from me. As in shoes, for her duck. Poor Poopsie (the duck) has been getting sores on his feet, and has had to have surgery to fix it. They dont want the sores to become a problem again, and thought crochet shoes would work! Never made duck shoes before. Never THOUGHT about duck shoes before. She's going to trace his feet for me and I will make something up. I think it will be a swell challenge, and TRUST ME you will all be front row for this endeavor. How terribly sad is it that Duck Shoes is making me excited.

Babyville: I went to the doc today for my glucose screen #2. I studied really really hard, please pray that I pass. I REALLY dont want to go through that again, especially since the biggest concern with gestational diabetes is too much weight gain, and a big baby. I still have not gained 2 pounds, so I'm pretty confident that I'm not in the "too much" category.
On the calendar: Your baby can hear the outside world over the sound of mom's heartbeat. Try not to lay on your back or stomach from this point forward, it cuts off circulation to the baby. Lunar month 8 (!!), 28 weeks LMP. Sean weighs 2.22 pounds or 1005 grams, and is 14.8 inches or 37.6 cm long.

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