Wednesday, October 04, 2006

socks and famous people.

So yesterday we read that Stephanie got married. Yay for her and Joe! I commented and actually got an email back. I am such a huge dork - I was so excited! I forwarded it to Dani and Tracie because I had to share the dorkiness. THEN, on my sock-knitting group Cat Bordhi asked for feet measurements from people. I gave her mine and told her that I'd try to get other victims too. So far I've gotten Travis & Jakes. But she sent me back a thank you email. So, That makes 2 withing 24 hours. I was terribly excited. Doesnt take much, really. Moving on.

When I left work yesterday it took muscle to open my back door - apparently sap or some other sticky substance moved in to mock me in my pregnant-size of a barge- weakness. Well, we just had to fix that! I pass a car wash on the way home and stopped in for some bubbles. I got the $7 one, which lasts about 10 minutes. I knit about 2 rounds on Dad's sock during that 10 minutes. I like to think that the reason I went was to be able to open my car door without cursing, but between you and me I think it was for the extra knitting time! I thought of taking a picture, my sock on the dash with the soap suds on the window but my camera was in the back seat in my purse and a contortionist I am not. Sorry - just use your imagination. The suds are in a rainbow of colors - like Lucky Charms melted all over the place. But it smelled magically delicious so it was ok.

Here's Dad's sock so far. I think I'll do probably 6-7 nches of leg before the heel flap so that it will be more, you know, sock legnth! It has a 1" stretchy cuff, and probably another inch of stockinette so only 4-5 to go! Woo hoo. Light speed, I tell ya. I have figured that it takes me about a week to make 1 sock. Thats great but that doesnt allow for any other projects. Crochet group tonight so no sock knitting, and I'll be bringing Mom's sweater since it's the only thing on a hook that I have right now. Amazing I know, but here's a project rundown:

Mom's sweater - front done, back about 1" done, still looking for more yarn. I have enough for the back and probably 1 sleeve. And unless she wants to start a new fashion statement, I do think I need more.

Tracie's sock - That is the other ball of yarn in my bag - It's Dads sock and Tracie's yarn. Hopefully I'll get to start it this weekend.

Dani's sock - I really really like how that one turned out, Its so cute, and I just pray it fits her. I'll find out tonight. It went pretty quick because it's just so little. That sock yarn is living on my coffee table right now, but the directions I scratched out are in my knitting bag.

Baby jacket - I have that one bit of Sean's jacket restarted in the horrible TLC baby but I am not going to finish it. I really have started hating that yarn. I think I will just work on his hoodie - once I find a suitable pattern - and he can go home in that. I also have not worked on his hat in a while, BUT I found another hat that I fell in love with. We'll see what wins. The one on the needles is about 1/2 done and very plain but matches the booties that are done but buttonless. The one I want to do is crocheted and has a hanging tassle (more tea bag flag, less french boudior). Maybe I'll make both - after I've finished the socks I swear!

Nothing to report in babyville except can I just say that mopping last night was not a good idea? I spent the next hour with contractions every 6 minutes. Not crying contractions but still hold my breath "mommy whats wrong" contractions. I have a doc appt next Tuesday and I'm torn on what I want him to say. Bedrest would piss off my office but do wonders for my sock knitting!

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