Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Soo, c'mon tell the truth...

Mom, have you been successful at resisting the temptation to look at your Christmas Sweater? Hope so, because here's more to tempt you. No worries though, as quick as this is going it wont be much longer I promise.

So, after yesterday's dismal start to the sleeve, I got it done last night. I really should have been sleeping at 10:30, but no, I HAD TO FINISH IT. And I did. And it looks like a sleeve is supposed to look (at least according to the picture). I did notice, that I would not be able to make a front with the yarn I have left in skein #2, and since I failed at finding more at Michaels, Joanns and 2 wal-marts, I had to make other arrangements. I ordered it online, and it should be coming in 4-8 business days. My less than half a skein will not make it 4-8 business days so it looks like Daddy's sock is back in business after today. And, since I am not a fan of weaving in more ends than I have to, I will be starting sleeve #2 today instead of the front. Hopefully it will look just like sleeve #1. Please let it look like sleeve #1.

Wanna see? Of course you do. No Mom, not you!

It was funny though, this morning as I was getting ready for work I got out the back and sleeve and took their pic on the couch. Travis remarked - didnt you take that picture yesterday? Well Yes, yes I did, but now the sleeve is done. That's different - like 18 inches different! Yay done sleeve. Sorry, doesnt take much.

Babyville: Unless you're having a home birth, research the hospital or birthing center where you want to deliver. To do this earier in the pregnancy isnt a bad idea either. (yes, I researched, it's small. Very small. Or, uh, quaint, yes, that's it, quaint!)

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