Friday, October 13, 2006

That math burns!

So, because knitting socks requires either a) the perfect pattern and/or b) math I have a headache. Actually the headache started last night when I had to do math then. Not fun. Me, a mechanical pencil, a flipflop shaped shopping list and CSI. Had I removed the CSI from the equation, it may have been less painful, but nope, I didnt pause it. But I was successful... for the most part.

In sock knitting there comes a few places that math is required if you have more/less stitches than the pattern originally calls for. Since I only know how to knit 1 pattern of sock (see, SOOO not a real knitter), and it fits my foot, stands to reason that socks knit from the same pattern for my Dad would need to be bigger. Now for Dani & Tracie's socks (see, if I combine them they're plural!) I added 3 stitches overall, and I just kind ignored them during specific parts of the sock knitting process (read: the parts that would otherwise require math) and they turned pretty ok.

Here's how it worked:
Normal - 48 stitches divides nicely onto both 2 needles and 3 needles (as required by the sock)... 24 and 16 respectivly.
Daddy's - 75 stitches divide onto 3 needles - 25, but are a bit wonky on 2 (37 & 38 on each).
That was last night's figurings. That done, I worked on my heel flap, which is now measuring 2.25 inches and needs about half inch more before the next bit of math is upon me.

The next bit of math is a bit trickier... there's theory behind this math and I am worried that I dont know what the theory is making the math impossible. Why cant my Dad have girl size feet? Oh well. As long as he doesnt want 2 socks, we're golden. I'd explain the whole idea to get help but I dont think I can do that. I'll just fake it, making sure to write it down as I go so I can replicate it. He better like his socks dammit!

Speaking of liking socks... I was so excited to consider this fall (I know it's still 85 degrees outside, work with me). And fall is boot weather. And this is the first year that I could wear my socks with boots. Look:

Yes, I am easily amused, why do you ask?

Big plans for the weekend, I have family in town from Colorado, and I'll be hanging out with them at the grandparents on Saturday. Then off to Food and Wine at Epcot on Sunday with the whole in-law gang (no, not really looking forward to walking around Epcot all day, and did I mind if we stopped at Animal Kingdom too?). We'll see how I feel, Travis may be pushing my arse around in a wheelchair.

Next week has a business meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday I play host to the crochet ladies at my place (guess I need to tidy up a bit... bah), Friday the craft fair ladies will come to my office for a pricing party, then Saturday is the first craft fair of the season for us. It is conviently located a mile away from my most favoritest ice cream shop on the planet... and yes, that is why I decided to do the show again, even after it sucked last year. I also plan on going on Friday to set up some... again for the ice cream. Their own fault, being so darn good.

Babyville: Nothing really to report on the calendar, but I think Sean will be a yoga instructor when he grows up. He's taken to stretching upwards. Often. OOOOWWWWEEEE. Guess that's a good indication he's turned.

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I like your boots!! And the sock!