Monday, October 01, 2007

Done. Well almost.

I finished all the crocheting for my 2nd size of the submission piece - just the buttons to add. The math worked out, and I tweaked it just a tiny bit and now I like it even more! When I go pick up Sean I will try it on a 1 yr old there to see if the 12 months size fits an actual 12 month old. I just need to have the pattern tested - especially the 6 month size (since I've done the 3 month and 12 month), just to be sure that one works too, and I'll be ready. I'm pretty excited about the prospect, nervous but excited. Oh the drama.

And speaking of - if anyone wants to pattern test, let me know. Easy crochet baby item, 1 skein (maybe 1.5) of a readily available yarn. Fun fun!

Sean is feeling better, only a little bit of boogie nose left and the occasional coughing fit. The bad side is that the daycare assistant caught Sean's cold. Whoops!

I have not worked on the mini sweater ornament, or the socks but I have started Mom's Christmas Sweater. You can see it
here if you are not my Mother. I'd show you the pic of what it will look like, but I dont have one - maybe I'll take one tonight.

Instead you can have a pic of Sean playing with toys in my MIL's living room.

That's it for me. Have a fantastic day.

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