Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Half day for me

Sean isnt a happy boy. His boogie nose is better, he's still coughing and weezy a bit, but last night and this morning we added projectile vomiting whenever Any Medicine came near so home he stays. I feel so bad for him, last night was another one where we didnt sleep more than an hour at a time - SOOO TIRED! So, he's home with Travis now and will be dropped off to me when Travis leaves for work. I will finish up until 1, then we will head home.

I worked on Mom's Christmas Sweater some more, but not much since He-Who-Could-Not- Be-Put-Down was in quite a state. No progress on the sock or mini sweater ornament. They will have their day. I had thought of the sock for Mom for Christmas, now I shall have to make other plans for it. Perhaps it will even get a mate... or I need to make some 1-legged friends, that would work too!

I am still waiting on my 2 books and my Ravelry t-shirt. I'm being suprisingly patient too! Too much going on to worry about it I suppose.

This weekend will be fun, Saturday we have a bowling birthday part for one of my friends little boys - Jake is excited for that. Then Sunday we head to grandparents to see my aunt and her family. Jake is Really excited for that - he loves playing with her boys! Fun times I tell ya. I will need to figure out which project will go with me, since Obviously Mom's Christmas Sweater wouldnt work with her there! Maybe the sock. We'll see.

Lots to do before I head home, so have a great day and wish me a vomit-free afternoon!

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