Friday, October 05, 2007

Project update?

I know I dont want to know this, but here we go. This is pretty accurate, I think.

Mom jacket: I have the back and one front panel done. I have 1 front panel and 2 sleeves to do. I'll call this 40%.

Sock: I am still on the round and round bit of the first sock, but its not going fast... even when I do have time to knit on it. And also, I'm not really in love with the pattern and the idea of knitting a second is not making me happy. I may rip it out and reuse the yarn for another, better sock. Perhaps out of my new crocheted socks book. Since my previous failures at crocheting socks were not pleasant, I just kept knitting them. However, I know that actual socks come out of the patterns in this book since I've seen them... so we'll give it a go. Patty, my co-worker, has expressed an interest in a pair too if I can find the right sock yarn for her.

Sweater ornament: Still missing 1 sleeve. This is like 75% done, but the sleeves are persnickety when I try to get it off the safety pin and onto the WEE little needles. Maybe that will come with me to a birthday party and family get together this weekend. Maybe it will be a sock. Who knows.

Brown sweater for me: I havent touched this since the other day, I've got about 1/3 of the back done. Since this still needs a front and 2 sleeves I'll give this maybe 10%. I have no idea if that is good math or not... and I really dont care.

Abandoned scarf: I'm not sure how much of this is done, and the needle for it has been being used for my submission projects. Whoops. I had intended this for my brother for last Christmas. Perhaps he shall get it this Christmas. We'll see!

Submission update: I have 2 of the 3 sizes made, I have the pattern written and checked - minus the finished measurements. I am at the chicken point when I need to put the presentation together and send it. Bock bock chicken! It'll get done, I have a month. I have also dreamt up 2 other ideas that I like. One I really like, and one I think is interesting but I'm not sure if my theory will work (that one is knit... scary). One at a time.

Fair competition: I have been meaning to figure out an item to submit for the fair, but I have not gone beyond that.

Craft fair: The craft fair at Jake's school is coming up on November 3. I am trying to kick out a few things that I think will sell well and are easy like kitchen scrubbies - we are always getting asked for them! Handy that Joann's had the tulle on sale! I have been thinking of a Friday night birthday thing since that is the night between Travis' days off. If thats the case, I'll be up late on Friday and have the fair on Saturday which should be interesting, but do-able. Probably better than the norm of craft fair all day then party that night, right?

Speaking of birthday, I am thinking of not having a party. Shocker, I know. I want to go to the Melting Pot. I've never been, and even though I want friends to go I know it can be pricey so I'm not sure how that will work. I'm running out of time to figure it out, but there you have it.

Enough for now, back to work. Have a fantastic weekend!

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