Friday, September 28, 2007

insert clever title here.

I was going to say Sorry for the slackerness or sorry for the MIA thing or some such thing but I've used them already! Whoops. Anyway, its been a heck of a week, and I'm sorry for missing a couple days here.

Sean is sick. It started Wednesday morning (or Tuesday night when he woke me up 7 times to compain about not being able to breathe), and by the time my alarm went off, he had only gotten a couple hours of sleep and it pained me to wake him, but I had to go to work. Then daycare called me at 1:45 to report projectile vomiting to go along with the boogy nose I sent him with - not pleasant. I went to fetch him and we hung out the rest of the day - and he was just miserable. I gave him some boogy nose medicine, and that helped a little. Thursday morning we got up, and after taking about 6 ton of boogies out of him, I got him dressed, and halfway to daycare he just wouldnt stop with the coughs, so I turned around. I went to the house to get his little chair and a bottle and diaper bag and he and I went to my office. I was able to make him an appt for 10:20 with the doctor, and we just hung out here until it was time to go - I had a few things I HAD to get done. He was good and everyone enjoyed having him here. The doc suggested the humidifer and to keep up with the meds I was giving him and that it should clear up in a couple days. alrighty. Last night we hooked up the humidifier and this morning he only had 1 ton of boogies so that's progress right? I thought so too.

However, Jake and Travis are BOTH getting sniffly. Whoops! Moving on.

The rat has swung Travis' work schedule now for 4 weeks, and given him extra hours. To say he's not happy would be the understatement of the year. He's planning to widen his search for PerfectJob. I just hate seeing him so miserable, and I pray he finds something good soon. I just hope that Jake's behavior issues that presented themselves Last time Travis worked nights dont reappear. That would suck!

I am testing my pattern for the submission and so far so good. That makes me happy. I have some folks helping me with a name, and I'm almost done with the damn math so I'll be able to send it out soon.

I knit a few rounds on the sock, I did not work on the mini sweater ornament, and I am about 3/4 done with the star baby ghan that will go into the craft fair. Oh, and I also have a bunch of chenille up for sale on ebay in case you're interested.

And craptastic thing of the day - I was SO excited that my copy of Crazy Aunt Purl'sDrunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair was supposed to come today from - but they sent me John Grisham's Playing For Pizza instead. Not Happy! I like John Grisham, but I liked his lawyer books, not the non-lawyer stuff he writes now. So, after calling the people and whining they are sending me out the correct book post-haste, and I should have next Thursday. OH well, what can you do, right?

Thats it for now, have a great weekend, and hopefully I can have a Monday blog minus the boogy nose!

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