Saturday, September 02, 2006

Weird Dreams about knitters

My dreamworld tends to be, ah, interesting. I have dreamt about aliens, The Crochet Dude, old boyfriends and now... the Yarn Harlot. Perhaps I am just trying to remind myself in the sleep realm that I need to finish the damn sock. Well, dream world... I've only got 2 inches to go before I start the toe decrease so neener neener neener.

Anyway, I dreamt that I was at my grandmother's house and to the door comes Stephanie Pearl-McFee ( ). The three of us are talking about knitting and she's whipping out a Christmas stocking out of blue chenille thick and quick (because that is SOO much a Christmas color. Moving on). She was knitting it so fast, it seemed like only 5 stitches and it was bigger than my hand! So she and My grandma were talking and i was desperatly searching for the sock so it could have it's pic taken with her. I was so upset that I couldnt find it. Thats when I woke up.

Weird, I know. Who's next - Laurie? Anyway, sleep tight lovies... sweet dreams!

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