Monday, September 18, 2006


And more pics and more pics.....

We're starting off with heel flaps. On the right you see the way I WAS doing it (read: the wrong way) and on the left you see Tracie's Christmas sock the way I am doing it now. It's still not beautiful, but its better. It's supposed to look like one continuous stitch... you arent supposed to be able to tell where the heel flap is. Whoops!

Next we have the toe join. Here are my 2 toe joins on socks that are supposed to be identical... Yeah, not so much, but I am getting better. Left is the not right way, right is the correct way but I am still not crazy about it.

Here are the buttons I got for Sean's sweater... arent they the most adorable!

And I found those adorable buttons at a WONDERFUL yarn shop called Sip and Knit in Maitland (near Orlando). Love love LOVE this shop! Unfortunatly, Tracie got all the pics from there, and hopefully i'll be able to theive some and put them here.

We also went to a 'Fiber In' which, frankly, blew. We paid a $10 cover to get in for 20 minutes to visit a shop from home. I was the only one to buy anything, and that was only 2 skeins of sock yarn. It's sad really. Here's what it looked like:

Gnombert enjoying the yarn

And of me and Tracie recipricol blogging (sorry, the pic thing crapped out on me. Love you blogger).

That Sat was Hans and Kerry's anniversary and he made us meatloaf (and by us I mean himself, Kerry, their girls, me, Tracie and my son)(yes we crashed their party)(and YES we got thanked for it). This is Hans making cream cheese frosting: from scratch. Tracie took a pic of me enjoying the leftovers of said frosting, and again, I will try to theive it for here. Here are the kids eating the wonderful meatloaf, tatos & aspargas that Hans made. I need to knit him an apron... in pink. With lace.

Sunday we went to the Fondrens for Jason's birthday. Jason is my brother in law, he turned 29. I swear that he and Travis are brothers, same parents and everything. I get asked this often, this is why:
That is Jason, Travis and half of their dad (sorry Dad...). Twins, only their mother can tell them apart? yeah, not so much. And in honour of Jason's 29th birthday, I had him hold the sock. He played along, but it was a bit blurry, whoops! Its only when I got to work today that I discovered a need for batteries in the camera. Here is what I affectionatly call "Jason and the sock", ahem:

Well, that's it for now. More when I get the pics from Tracie.


Another yarn said...

Hey! I bought yarn, too! Beautiful rayon yarn that I don't have enough of to make anything. LOL.

And yes, thank you. Thank you very much. ;-)

Karen said...

How many anniversary's of that 29th?