Friday, September 01, 2006

Whoops - forgot babyville

I keep doing that!

Baby's body hair, including eyebrows and lashes begin to grow. Small hairs called lanugo cover baby's body and face. Most of it falls out before birth.

I'll do next weeks too... since I wont be here:
- Right now baby's skin is translucent. If you could see the baby you would also be able to see his bones and organs too!
-21 weeks LMP (Note: Legnth is now measured heel to crown instead of crown to rump) Baby weigs 12.70 ounces or 360 grams. Baby is 10.51 inches or 26.7 cm long.
-Baby's getting strong and Mom can feel some movement. This is called quickening
-22 weeks LMP Baby weighs 15.17 ounces or 430 grams and is 10.94 or 27.8 cm long.

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