Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yesterday's post today

(Because you know, blogger. I may need to find a new home for this thing)(just sayin). So because 2 posts yesterday got ate, I will make this short, but full. Well, we'll see how short I can make it. We will start with Saturday and Kevin Smith. We got to the big convention center in Orlando around 10:30 and got checked in and grabbed a hot dog for lunch. After we ate that we went to the lines waiting to go in the room. They were gonna start herding people in around 12, we didnt get in until about 1. I talked to Mom and told her where I was and how many people there were and she didnt believe me (NOT a Kevin Smith Fan.) and I told her i'd post a pic. Here is the line behind us, plus there was about 100 people in front of us and the line on the left had already been moving for oh, half hour or so.

Once we got inside - an hour after they started herding people in - they were showing snippets of An Evening With Kevin Smith... one of my favorite sit and watch dvds. At 2 the people putting on the show came out to present a winner of the "Future Filmmakers Award" and we got to see his film. It was very interesting, and he did a good job. Then Kevin came on. He looked like this:

Sorry for the fantastic quality of that pic, but no flash photography allowed, and these were with my phone. It was a great show, that started off with Kevin saying this was his first time in Florida this time of year and "What's up with the butt fucking bugs?". I guess if you're not from around here, and not used to love bugs they can be kind of disturbing and, uh, pornographic. It really was a blast and I saw and heard a lot of very interesting things. I just wish I had taken more pics. I saw a shirt (in pink) that read "Sex, Drugs and Dungeons & Dragons". Yeah. Anyway, Kevin talked and talked and talked. The thing was supposed to be over at 4, we left at 5 and he was still talking. We would have stayed if a) we didnt have dinner reservations at 5:55 and b) our butts werent asleep from 4 hours on crappy chairs.
Dinner. Yeah, that was THE best steak I've ever had. We went to Yachtmans Steakhouse at Disney and really, YUMMO. Expensive, but yummo. Thankfully we had a gift card. One of my favorite parts of dinner though was seeing a lady that didnt know how to use a pepper mill. She kept twisting the little silver knop on top and then looking at the bottom of the mill confused as to why the pepper wasnt coming out. Luckily for her (and me because I was SOOO close to laughing out loud) one of the 10 people at her table helped her out and showed her how to use it. This lady was older than I am and confused by a pepper mill. I didnt think that could be possible. They were American, not from elsewhere, so I dont know. I have always known how to use a pepper mill. Strange. Anyway, we went up to our room at the Boardwalk and we saw the fireworks from our balcony. They looked like this:
and this:
It was nice. And not smoky and not loud and no walking was involved.

On Sunday we went to Downtown Disney for a little bit after breakfast then back to the room to wait for the in-laws to bring our child to us. They came and we headed for the pool. They really do have a cool pool. It looks like this:
Jake did a lot of this:
and this:
Hans, Kerry, Aliceon and Heather came out and joined us at the pool. It was a blast. They did this: and this:
Then they had to leave and Jake did this: (actually that was the next day, but I thought it would be funny here!)
Me and Kerry did this:
and most of the time I was doing this: or this: and ended up with this: and started this: Great fun.

After swimming we went to Dinner at Fultons Crab House. Very yum. Got back to the room and saw more fireworks.
Monday we got up and did more swimming after breakfast. Then to Property Control where I got this for Baby Sean: and Jake picked out this:
then we went home.

Thats enough for now after Babyville: Sean is almost fully formed about now and finally looks like a miniature human instead of other-worldly. Bones solidify and baby kicks. Sometimes it feels more like a lurch, reminicent of the loch ness monster.

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