Friday, September 22, 2006


Last night I worked a bit on Tracie's sock, did not cast on Dani's sock and STARTED MOM'S SWEATER BACK! That was the best part! After knitting so much lately, It was nice to crochet. It was really nice to crochet singles! Mindless back and forth that I could do and watch tv at the same time... as opposed to knitting and listening to tv at the same time - a very different experience. So the back of Mom's sweater has about an inch to it, I think I've got about 18 more rows in single then the fancy schmancy bottom lacy bit. Whoops, Mom, dont read that part! I am still praying that someone somewhere has more of this yarn... because I really do adore this sweater, and it is gonna look so cute when it's done... assuming it has sleeves. I know, I know, I shouldnt be so picky, but c'mon, this woman gave me life, the least I can do is give her sleeves on her CHRISTMAS SWEATER! Moving on.

I still have not looked in the stash for something appropriate to re-start Sean's sweater in. I am leaning toward Simply soft which I have - not sure if I have the blue, but that will be easy enough to find. I just hope that it is not hard to knit with. We'll have to see. I should be able to tell if I'll like it by row, oh, 2. Also, now that I have metal needles (size 7, not 6, which is ok... really) that will help too.

My main reason for posting today, other than to say I've got more sweater than I had yesterday, is to do babyville. I went Awwwww, and figured you would too. Also, I will not be in the office on Monday so I'll post that now too. Monday's my favorite since we get sizes.

Babyville: Baby might begin to suck his thumb around now (awww). Vernix, which protects the baby's skin from amniotic fluid, covers the entire skin. Lunar Month 7, 24 weeks LMP baby weighs 1.32 lbs or 600 grams and is 11.81 inches or 30 cm long. WOW! I'm running out of ruler! How exciting is that!

That's it for now. I probably wont post this weekend - I'll be visiting Orlando and seeing Kevin Smith. I am SOOOOO excited! Love Kevin Smith. We're spending Sat and Sun night at the Boardwalk Inn at Disney, Jake will be joining us Sunday. Sat is Kevin almost all day with dinner at Yachtman's Steakhouse (yummmmmo) then Sunday the in-laws bring the kid, we hang out by the pool, buy crap at property control (the place where cast members get to buy stuff cheap like last season's stuff, overrun stuff and things guests have lost. It's a great place for Christmas presents. Too bad they dont sell yarn. Then we have dinner for us 5 at Fultons Crab House (seafood. No really.) Again, yummmmmo. Then home on Monday. It should be loads of fun and Tracie's sock will get plenty of camera time, I'm sure. Travis says he wants me to bring my swimsuit. I laughed. Out loud. Because that's funny!

So, more on Tuesday.

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