Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oh what a week!

Lets see, where to start (picture intensive, beware).

Before I left, we took Jake to get his 5 yr old pics. Here are a some of my favorites:

Then on Sunday after Church we went to this carnival thing at my Mom's Church. This is my mom and child 'jousting'.

Tuesday we packed the Budget truck and we looked like this (well the girls did anyway):

That's Damarys, Desiree, Lesa, me and Patty (l to r). We headed down to Bonita where I promptly and perpetually kept forgetting my camera. More accuratly I kept forgetting to wear pants with pockets to hold the camera. Here are a couple, with more to come later - when i'm not quite so busy trying to find my desk.

Me with Michelle (and the gnome) - my contact at the hotel and the reason I'm still sane(ish):

I had some more but you know my relationship with Blogger - I'll post more later. It really was a great time with almost everything going smoothly and just a couple problems. The highlights - I found Heaven on a plate, met my next ex-husband and watched a LOT of alcohol being consumed. It's fun being the sober one at times like this.

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