Saturday, November 01, 2008

Good Morning... Happy Birthday to me!

It's another early morning, I guess Sean was just very impatient to give me greetings. Yesterday was cute and I will post pics on Monday. My little scarecrow and scary monster had such a great time trick or treating and my kitchen table is FILLED with goodies!

After we got out early yesterday I went to Joann's and bought quite a bit of remnant fabric and spent about $8. I was looking for pinking shears but they were pretty expensive (about $22) and I didnt have a coupon, so I left to get them at Walmart. Then I tried to go to the big walmart and couldnt find a parking spot (at 2 on a Friday afternoon!) so I went to the crappy walmart. I found 1 remnant and pinking shears and spent $16. I also went to Once upon a child to spend some credit I had (1 flannel fitted sheet for Sean's bed and 2 pair of long pjs) and to the sewing shop next door and got 3 fat quarters. They were higher than at Joann's but I liked the patterns in the fabric and its so much better to support a local place. I went to Sean's Halloween party and we went to the in-laws. Carved Jake's pumpkin (AC/DC) and got both kids dressed and out the door. So much fun. And I got a giftcard to Joann's so I'm excited to spend that!

Today, one friend is coming this morning to get something so I need to pickup the house in a minute. After Travis leaves for work the kids and I will go return the Walmart pinking shears and go to Joann's with my coupon and get them there. I may even get a Sewing bag, but I will probably wait until tomorrow and another coupon. My folks are coming over this afternoon to hang out before supper at Tias. I am excited because tonight I have 2 (maybe 3) old friends coming, 2 that I havent seen in well over 15 years. It'll be just like my 13th birthday all over again! LOL. It will be hysterical to me to have a pic of us 4 and each of our kids.

Well, lots of pics will come on Monday, but for now it's clean up time. Have a great day!!!

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