Friday, November 14, 2008

A new beginning

I have been having a hard time with my fingers the last few weeks and apparently Travis is tired of hearing about it while still watching me knit and crochet. "The doctor said it's not arthritis, just overuse so just stop with the yarn already." Sigh. He just doesnt get it apparently. So in my efforts I have been doing less knitting and crocheting and more sewing (as evidenced by the 7 squares I have finished and 1 I started, plus 3 finished market bags). I have too much Christmas work to do to stop completly. I seriously doubt Mom would enjoy a sweater with the back, A front, A collar and PART of a sleeve.

To accomplish the less is more I started working on the American Flag afghan. I've made 4 stars. That's not REALLY crocheting, its only like 30 stitches... hardly counts at all. Course it's not helping mom's sweater or Cliff's ghan... but at least its work on something that needs to be done because it's already been paid for!

Speaking of Cliff, I have an update. He had his scan and he is cancer-free. Yay God! We are just so releived!

Ok, off to make some stars at lunch. Have a great weekend.

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