Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted, did you?

I went this morning, 2 kids in tow, to the polls. We got there at 6:35, and did pretty good while outside since Sean was contained in the stroller. I wasnt able to get the stroller up the stairs so I took him out and carried him. That was a mistake! Do you know hard it is to hold a squirming child and color in ovals at the same time? Very. I miss the touch screens. Anywho, I did good time-wise on that, got out at about 7:20, went to take Jake to school and the road is closed for construction. Backtrack about 3 miles, turn the other way and go another 3 miles the long way to get him to school. In a SLOW schoolzone both ways. Got him to school around 7:50, go to drop Sean off at daycare, left there at 8:12. Got to work about 8:35. Not terrible, but had I known about the construction (which will torment me until 11/22) I could have saved at least 6 miles and avoided the crappy school zone (school zone's are not crappy as a whole, but this one is at a 3-way light and 9 million people try to turn left there and there is no left lane, which means it takes forFREAKINever to get past). This morning Sean was up at 5:45 again. Silly silly boy, doesnt he know that the time changed?

Anywho, I sorta figured out the DJ website and I added a link over here on the link list. I haven't figured out how to do the clickable design wall, but I have the completed blocks in the photo albums and once I have too many to put in one big blob I will seperate them by rows.

Well, that's it from me. Hopefully tonight I'll get some more done on my squares. As for yarny news, I have finished the body of the left front side and am about to decrease for the arm holes. That should go quick since it'll be REAL skinny to knit on.

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