Thursday, November 06, 2008

The accomplishments of yesterday

Yesterday I was at home with a sick Jake. Coughing, hacking, boogies, etc. Since I was not home with a sick Sean, I was able to let a movie run and not be interupted for 2 hours. During those 2 hours, I finished 2 blocks. Of course I did not have the mind to take their photos since I had every good intention to bring them with me to work but nope... I forgot. Tomorrow I'll remember. Later on in the day I did the reverse appliquing of the Jane's tears that I had already started and stopped and it is now done and I am in the process of appliquing and reverse appliquing another one. That is 5 done and 1 half done. Yay... progress!!

Today at lunch I will work more on Mom's sweater, I haven't done the armholes but that should get well on its way here in a bit.

Jake is better today, and so far Sean is not sick (knock on wood) even though almost everyone around him is. Hopefully we can keep it that way!

My car is getting fixed today - replacing the intake manafold gasket. Apparently this is a long process and not cheap either! I pray that this helps it hold on for another 30 or 40 thousand miles! Lotto... any day now would be great!

That's it for now. Have a great day.

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