Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sweater udpate, with a picture.

Of course, Mom you cant look but everyone else can. Here's an update on Mom's sweater. I think that a back, a front, the collar and part of a sleeve is not nearly enough done for Christmas to be in 35 days, so what say we move it to a little later in the year... like March? Anywho, here's a pic of it currently. I probably have 16 more inches of sleeve to go, plus the other one and the other front. Have you started taking bets yet?

I have not touched the Dear Jane besides moving the 2 cut pieces of the Bachelor Buttons off the chair so Travis could rock Sean. I am not going to work on it until the Christmas knitting is done, even if it does take til March. Wait, better not say that lest I flub it up and show you a pic of a block. Hrm.

I have put together my Christmas list. As you may remember I am not supposed to get Christmas gifts from my MIL since she gave the fabulous mattress (:)) but she asked for a list anyway. I am looking forward to getting Stephanie's two books, plus Drew's book and Quilting for Dummies. Throw in a coupla cd's and boom, Christmas done.

I am really hoping to spend some time with my family and friends this Christmas. It will be hard to schedule with Travis working Christmas day and me working Christmas eve but we'll try to figure it out. I may just have to open his presents for him at my folks house! lol.

And finally, I wanted to say thank you to everyone that has sent me a note congratulating me on my publication. Strangers too! I am thrilled to bits and Can. Not. Wait. to see it for myself. Have a great day all.

PS... I still feel like a mac truck is sitting on my face. sigh.

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