Thursday, November 30, 2006

1 month, 7 days, 9 hours, 41 minutes, 2 seconds

.... But who's counting? I can honestly say that I could go my whole lifetime without having another contraction. Really. They can stop at ANY TIME NOW! Not that I think That's gonna happen, but one can dream. I think it might be nice that when I go to the Doc on Tuesday that he says that maybe I've dialated a bit. Just a bit - just enough to know that the damn things are doing something... unlike when I was pregnant with Jake where they kept coming and doing nothing. Also at my Tuesday appt I will have a strep test (Didnt know you could get strep down there, didja?) and I should get to schedule my c-section. I'm very excited about that - to have an end date. To know that after that day I will not be pregnant any more. Perhaps earlier, but no later. That is a great piece of mind to have.

On the homefront, it looks like we will be getting a storage unit for a month or so, so that even if Dad comes right after Christmas like he's planning, that the baby's room will be done and ready. We had planned that the garage will turn into a den, and the dungeon (our spare room that contains all of Travis' computer/dragon/medieval weponry/books/stuff) will move into the den and the dungeon will turn into Sean's room. The original plan was that my Dad would come down (he's a contractor, you see) and help us with the garage>den plan in November. Then it turned into beginning of December. Now it's after Christmas, because he wants to be here when the baby comes. I can completly understand this, since he wasnt here when Jake was born, but still I am not comfortable with creating Sean's room a week before he's due to arrive. Guess I'm neurotic like that. Especially since we have so much to go through once he has a room - the attic is full of baby stuff like crib/stroller/carseat/clothes/feeding stuff/etc. All of it has to be scrubbed clean before Sean can even think to use any of it. Also, my baby shower is Saturday and I assume that I will get presents - and I currently have no place to put them. I have clothes with no home, diapers with no home (both of which are currently living in my MIL's closet). Stress I tell ya. BUT, with the storage unit comes something we can control. It lets me move all the crap out of the house that we dont need yet in the garage and the dungeon, and lets me concentrate on Sean's room.

Now I just have to figure out how to make the dungeon's paint - which is a very dark blue (like, well I see lots of examples around me but nothing thats universal. Just dark like a medium dark denim) into something that is appropriate for a baby without having to paint the whole entire room! I have been thinking of doing some kind of cloud looking faux finish, but I'm not sure yet. Suggestions would be great!

I still have not had time to look at the camera instructions, I have been pretty busy whenever I can on the Christmas top. I dont really want to call it a sweater since there are no sleeves (yay!) but you know.

I have been working on the website a tad bit - Gnombert's page has many more pictures, and they actually seem to be working. I was not, however, successful in creating the about me page, er, my portion of the about me page. I'll try again once I'm not up to my eyeballs in proofreading.

That's it for now, really. Tomorrow is December 1st and time to start the Advent calendar. Wonder how likely it is that Jake will share his little bits of candy? Yeah, I didnt think so either.

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