Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Yay!

Guess What?

That would be my Daddy's socks (on my feet, they are terribly big on my feet!). Both of Daddy's socks. Ends woven in and everything! Please ignore the lack of Dysoning going on with the floor!
So, here's the project update.....
Tracie's socks - done and given
Dani's socks - done
Daddy's socks - done
Mom's sweater - done
Jake's sweater - done
Birthing socks - 1 done. #2 is about 1/20th done
Sean's hoodie - done
Sean's booties - done but need buttons
Sean's hat - 1/2 done
YAY! I have also purchased Christmas gifts for My mom, his mom, Jake's teacher, my Step-Mom (who already got socks so dont feel bad for her) and 1 girlfriends little girl. To be purchased (or made if, you know, crack starts appearing in my mac n cheese) something for Kerry's girls, my Step-Dad, Travis' parents, my neice and nephew and a few more things for Jake. Jason and Stacy usually get a bottle of something and that's Travis' department. Oh, and I need something for the Secret Santa with the gals, and I really hope I get Dani because I found something that has HER name on it! Well, Travis found it. For his Grandma. But it fits for Dani too. I wont be able to resist, and I shall fight to the death whomever else may pick her name from the hat... or just give it to her anyway. Like the socks, though those will probably be for her birfday... not far away from Christmas. No, I dont remember when, I just remember it's not far from Christmas. Horrible, I swear.
Yesterday wasnt a pleasent day pregnancy wise. I felt pretty wonky all day. Woozy in the morning, and I had to keep sitting down. The contractions were terrible yesterday, many more than normal (I thought I was doing better today, but no, not so much) and I was sweaty/clammy for a bit. I got home and laid down for a bit on the couch, but not long enough.
I just wish that I could sleep for more than 3 hours in a row at night - between having to pee and the cat that is thisclose to getting locked in the garage and the snoring (no, not mine). How it usually happens is that we go to bed a bit after 10. around 1 I get up to go pee, and have to go sleep on the couch because it tends to be very loud in our bedroom. I'm fine until about 4, maybe 4:30 until the cat starts to be crazy. And by crazy I mean jumping on the tables and pulling down the loudest thing he can find and playing with it. Bouncy balls/bubble paper/a water bottle cap (from the trash)/kitty toy WITH A BELL INSIDE and he plays with this thing while I sit up and say quit it. He plays with it as I hold up the squirt bottle in a very threatening manner. He plays as I am squirting his furry ass, then runs away. He soon comes back and starts to play with it again until I get up and go get whatever he has (hoping he drops it and doesnt run away with it, which he is also wont to do) and put it up somewhere. Somewhere high. Then back to sleep where Travis wakes me up at 6:40 for the snooze alarm so I go back to our bed, lay there for the 9.8 seconds it takes him to fall back asleep and start with the snoring, and I just get up 7 minutes early.
Perhaps today I shall go home from work early and take a nap. Oh and yay for leftovers yesterday for dinner. No such luck today, but I did forget to get out whatever meat is required for whatever is on the menu on the fridge. Whoops. Oh well, perhaps we shall have pizza.
That's it for now. Nothing in babyville to report. Have a fabulous weekend.

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