Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sorry about the MIA thing

I know, it's been a while but work has been pretty well kicking my arse.

Hrm, where to start? Lets see - I have gotten the whole back of the sweater done (except for the opposite side shoulder which I will do tonight at crochet group - I'm going to pretend I'm not knitting, hopefully no one will notice! Then I will start on the front. I didnt realize there was fancy knitting involved in this here sweater. Since I am not a real Knitter, it scares me, but I am muddling through - hopefully the recipient wont notice, or will at least pretend not to notice!

Christmas shopping is close to done - Travis is going out to Disney to get the last couple people things and thats it. I am hoping that on Sunday while I'm at the craft fair that he will get the tree out of the attic and up so that evening maybe we can decorate it. That would be nice. Hard to believe that I have actually managed to make 5.5 Christmas gifts - I'm pretty proud of myself! Last year I cheated by sending a whole gaggle of craft fair scarves up to some of my colder-weather realitives and let them pick out which ones they liked best amongst them... no thought involved on my part what-so-ever! See, cheating. Not so this year - what with the fitted garments and all!

I sent my application to the fair for the pink angora baby dress. I do hope I win SOMETHING so that I can claim to be "award winning". Course I would really REALLY like to win best in show - that one pays out $50! How strange, I cant find a pic of it. Let me take one real quick...

This is front, back and a closeup of the button. It's a china rose, and I love it and think it totally makes this little dress!

Works getting bad so i need to hurry.
Um, This is me today:

On Saturday I had my baby shower, and had great fun celebrating with 8 of my closest friends and family. Well, the ones that could make it anyway! I got some nice goodies, and gnombert helped me out with some games:
This upcoming Saturday is the Disney Christmas party - I have my fancy schmancy dress to go along with Gram's black pearls - I will be sure to post some pics come Monday.
Sunday is the craft fair in Safety Harbor (for those locals, go to for more info! We're booth 608). It was a good one last year so I have high hopes for this one too!
Um, guess that's it, now for.....
Babyville: We have set a date... 1/8 at 1:30pm at Brandon Regional Hospital.... yippeeeeee! moving on. A sufactant, which helps Sean breathe after birth coats the air sacks in the lungs. The placenta which feeds baby, and acts as a barrier between he and I, continues to grow. 34 wks LMP - Sean weighs 4.73 pounds or 2383 grams and is 18.19 inches or 46.2 cm long. My antibodies to disease begin to flow rapidly to baby through the placenta. Sean begins to develop sleeping patterns (Don worry, they arent ALWAYS going to be a night owl... whew!).

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