Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good intentions, and all that

I have been meaning to post in here for 3 days. I've had stuff to say, and pictures and all that, but too. much. work. And coming from me, with my not so worky work, that says something! Ok, here we go.


My mother in law got Jake another pair of sneakers. He has 4 that fit him, that are all the same size, and I scoffed at her. No, he really doesnt need another pair of sneakers, really. Yes, you should take them back. Oh, they're Converse hi tops, well then, never mind. Send 'em over! Here's Jake playing on his skateboard looking might thrilled. He was having a good time, I swear it! And look! Converses. I'm so jealous. I did tell her that I wear a size 4.5 in boys, maybe I'll get lucky for Christmas! And yes, I would wear them. I had a pair of hot pink ones when I was in 8th grade. Loved. those. shoes! My mom, of course, hated them. And hated them more after I wrote all these different rock band names on them in black sharpie marker. She made me throw them away in favor of a pair of pretend-keds at the flea market one day. My life has never been the same. sigh. Moving on.
I made a pecan pie for our work Thanksgiving luncheon and I saw this when I cracked my eggs in the bowl:

I can find hidden Mickey's anywhere!
I have made lots of progress on my birthing sock Part 2. I'm up to the round and round bit now, this was taken on Monday I think. Once these are done, I'll do the bootie buttons and finish Sean's hat. After those are done, I plan to sit down with some of my knitting books and actually learn to knit. I will knit swatches, and learn how to knit correctly and do fancy things like fix mistakes! That's the goal anyway.
Tuesday: Doc appt. I have gained 7 pounds. For those of you counting, that's 4 in the last 2 weeks. However, I was wearing real shoes, not sandals, and I was wearing courderoy pants. I blame it on that. We'll see in 2 weeks when I go back. Not that 7 pounds for 8 months pregnant is horrible, really. But, with Jake I only gained 2. I got pregnant weighing 190 (yikes) and gave birth weighing 192. Pregnancy was the best diet ever since I lost 20 pounds just walking out of the hospital, and never really gained much back - just a few pounds by the time I got pregnant this time. No clue, I just say thank you.
Today: Work, work work, trying to get all the crap done that needs to get done before we are off for 3 days. We are also going to be leaving early today so we can all get our computers defraged. Yay for getting out early!
Tomorrow is Turkey day with some of my family on my Mom's side. Travis will try to get out of work early to come with but we wont know that until it's time. Saturday we'll have Thanksgiving with his family.
Friday is shopping day. To say Black Friday has such a negative connotation to it! I love shopping day. Every year Travis says "I cant believe you're going out" to which I reply, every year, "I do this every year." Then he says "You're crazy". Then I say "Yeah, but that's why you married me." Not sure where I will be going yet, they have a few cool things at Joann's, but I havent seen the others yet. I usually only go to 2 or 3 stores. Michaels/ Joann/ Penneys/ Target - those. I wont go to ToysRus because I'm not on crack. I wont go to the Mall Propper, since again, no crack. I usually get home by 10ish, sleep for an hour or 2 then I'm all set for the rest of the day. I usually do my Christmas Cards that day too.

A week's worth of Babyville: Sean's tastebuds develop. Lunar Month 9, 32 wks LMP - he weighs 3.75 lbs or 1702 grams and is 16.19 inches or 42.4 cm long. He may hiccup (really really often), cry, taste sweet and sour and respond to pain, light and sound. I may gain weight faster now than any other point in my pregnancy (it was the pants, I swear). Sean's brain and nerves are developing and directing bodily functions. The volume of amniotic fluid begins to deminish and his bones are getting stronger, limbs get fatter and skin takes on a healthy glow!

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