Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm such a slacker!

Sorry about that! It's been kinda busy and I've been kinda lazy, you understand. But at least I have stuff to report!

Lets see, I had finished the birthing sock and I've gotten to the gusset of my Dad's second sock. By this evening I hope to be done with that and on to the round and round bit.

Sean's hoodie will not be able to have a zipper in it - so I've got to get the buttons out to see what will work with it. I have those cute little car buttons, and I thought about them but I think they are too small. I think that I will use them though for the booties.

After Dad's second sock is done, I'll do my other birthing sock then work on Sean's hat. It really doesnt have much left before I do the decreases - which will require math, and counting... wish me luck!

I got a new book from Zoomba - 100 Crochet Projects. It's a pretty big book with lots of ugly patterns in it, scattered among a few cute ones. I need to sit down and mark the ones that I like. I dont know how long this one will last in my book stash - I'm just not that thrilled with it. Even the patterns of the cute things are not things I love, just like - not a good sign! I also just ordered (with my birthday Barnes & Nobel gift card from Tracie thankyouverymuch) the 2007 Crochet Calendar and http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?z=y&EAN=9781405452328&itm=2 this book. It looks interesting, and I really do need help with the knitting. How sad is it that my plan is that after I'm done with the birthing sock and Sean's hat and Dad's sock that I will work on swatching knitting - to see if I can figure out how to do it right? I know, backasswards. Yep, that's me! Moving on.

Everything is going rather well, I had to go to DQ this afternoon for an emergency Blizzard... whoops! But it was so good!

I saw this on the way home the other day. Now maybe it's just me, but shouldnt a spare tire

be something that would actuall function as a spare tire? Can you see it, the BIG GAPING HOLE on the left side there? Yeah, scary.

Babyville - (sorry my slackerdom has gotten us behind) You may have more Braxton-Hicks contractions but dont worry. If you have many in succession you might actually be beginning pre-labor. If that is the case, call your doc right away. Try laying down and see if the contractions subside. (sidebar - yeah, these are kicking my arse! I am particularly un-fond of the ones I get while driving. Wonder if I can get a cot in my drivers seat?). 31 Wks LMP - Sean weighs 3.31 lbs or 1502 grams and is 16.18 inches or 41.1 cm long.

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