Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Solidarity. My HairStory

As a show of solidarity to Laurie at I have decided to post pics of my own hairstory... with the pics that I have on hand anyway... Mom... Remember, you were suppose to send me some! Hurry, hurry. The blog is ferocious and impatient.

This is me and my best friend Jennifer - that would be 1989. I had the poufy bang thing going - along with that dress. I really wish I had a full legnth pic of it - its tight and straight and if I remember correctly it had a little flair skirty thing at the waist - but the bottom of the skirt was straight. And short. And I wore it with a silver peace sign on a black leather cord - you cant see that either. This, my friends, was school picture day! Oh yes.
I do have more, just not on this computer. Well, thats a lie, I have a few of OTHER people on here, but not of me. I'll do some more from home I guess. Mom says she has an idea where to look at her place too.
Happy Turkey day to you!

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