Thursday, November 16, 2006

Moving right along.

Ok, so I got the buttons sewn onto Sean's hoodie, and I am pleased with the results. Travis says the hood is too big, and Damarys says that the buttons look like sea shells (they're not, they are wood) and Patty says it's cute and now that my knitting is done the baby can come. Except... my knitting is not done. Here's the hoodie:

I like it, I dont care what they say! I have about 1/2 inch left on Dad's sock before I start the toe. It is going much quicker than I remembering the first one going... which is a very good thing! It felt like the last one went on forever! But, I guess I shouldnt be too excited, I feel the same way about the patterning on the birthing sock which will be coming up next, no, not Sean's hat, but my 2nd birthing sock. That is because I cannot give birth with A birthing sock, but Sean can come home with no hat because he will be wearing a hoodie... nice logic, eh? I thought so too.

I am struggling with what to get for my Step-Dad for Christmas. He doesnt wear socks, I am hoarding all of our Home Depot gift cards for ourselves and the Chocolate Cake he wants just doesnt seem substantial enough. Is substantial spelt right? Oh well. Anyway, so I was thinking that just beceause he doesn't wear socks, doesn't mean he wouldn't wear a sweater? Course I'm not sure that he even owns pants... shorts - in spades... but pants, not so much. You can wear a sweater with red beach shorts, right? For those breezy days? Yes? No? Urg, maybe he will get a chocolate cake.

I think that's it for now. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to bring you a pic of a pair of Daddy socks... wish me luck!

Babyville: (explicit words ahead... caution!) Sean's testicles have dropped from his abdomen, where they grew, into his scrotum. (see, told you).

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Kerry Crochets said...

Substantial was spelled correctly, but spelt isn't a word :P

Loving Sean's hoodie!!!