Monday, February 02, 2009

So close...

American Flag: I have 3 stars to sew on, a border around the star field then whip stitching the star field to the stripes. Hour and a half tops. I had wanted to have my co-worker take the finished ghan with her on her trip to Ocala today, but not quite.

SuperShow socks: I did get a little done on these, I've got about 3 inches of leg done, 3 to go plus the heel and foot.

Sock needles: I use the rest of my Joann's gift card from Christmas to order 2 size 2 circular needles. I am determined to learn how to knit socks on those darn things. I have a book that I was working from but not successfully. My first problem was the figure 8 cast on, but thanks to a knitty gritty (or was it knit and crochet today?) that I have locked on the dvr, I can try it with the tv. It looked easier on there than I had been making it, so hopefully I'll figure it out. I have quite a bit of sock yarn in the stash so I'm pretty excited about this prospect.

Quilt: I am still waiting patiently for my brother to let me know what colors he likes best so I can start on his quilt. I have about a month to make it (his birthday is 3/8) and I am confident that I can do it. I am really excited about this too. This is the block that I'm going to do for it. I will make it every other block with plain squares in between. I think it will turn out nice. I had been looking for a used version of Electric Quilt for cheap so I could use the software to see if it really look ok, but no luck. I just can't afford $150 for quilt software!

My knee: I am still limping around from screwing up my knee on the trampoline last Sunday. To add insult to injury, on Saturday while I was vacuuming I jammed my 2nd toe on the other foot so I'm quite funny to watch as I hobble around. Urg.

Thirty One: I am having a Thirty One party in a couple weeks and I think it'll be fun. If you haven't heard of it, Thirty One is company with consultants (think Mary Kay) that has purses, totes, lunch bags, home storage stuff, etc and they can be embroidered with a monogram or name. I just got Jake a lunch tote on special in camo with his initials on it. Too cute. If you want to check it out (since my favorite Aunts can't make it down to Sunny Florida in 2 weeks) please go here and poke around the categories. Cute cute stuff!

That's it for me. Have a good Monday.

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