Monday, February 16, 2009

So close to being done!

Owls is getting near the finish line. I am on row 3 of the 19-row Owl chart. Let me tell you that with all these owls and 2 cables for each in the rows I am grateful to Drew for showing us how to cable without the cable needle on that episode of Knit & Crochet today! Although I'm too tight of a knitter to use the pincing, I am brave enough (with a sticky yarn) to slip it off/on again using the front/back manipulations. Fancy Schmancy I say!

The purse show went well this weekend, I really love the products and I am really looking forward to getting new stuffs. You still have time to order, we'll close the show this weeked. If you order something, it will come here, and I can mail it out to wherever. You can go here to order from my party. I got Jake the camo lunch bag, which is really a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I am getting one for Sean too, and a skirt purse for me. I LOVE the skirt purses! I love the whole idea that you can change the look on the outside with the little "skirts" and not have to move your crap on the outside. I bet I can re-create it in crochet! That'll be next on the project list.

I did get some fabric from my Mom, cute stuff and a lot of them. I dont really think much will work for my brother's quilt, but for girly ones for sure! I think my brother's will end up being a little more scrappy than I thoght it would be since I really cant afford to go out and buy more fabric. That's ok, he'll like it and it will be warm and cozy.

We did have a lovely trip to the ER on Saturday, Travis having the flu really bad and all. I am so thankful that (knock on wood) the kids and I havent gotten it this bad. They gave him 3 scripts for the problems and they do seem to be working. He tried to go to work today and he got as far as his desk before his Sup told him to go home. Guess he looked pretty bad. Last night we had dinner with a friend and that was really the first real food he's eaten. Guess it was too soon, because it gave him problems. I know this is on the way out, but I just hope it passes quickly with no more casualties!

That's it from me for now. Have a great day!

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