Friday, January 30, 2009

Photoless progress

Yesterday I had to stay home with sick Sean again. I think it's allergies, and that sometimes the allergy problems lead to the mucus stuff. I am going to ask his doc next visit if there is anything I can do on a daily or even seasonal basis to help him not be this way. Zyrtec finally made him stop coughing (well, stop-ish) yesterday afternoon after Mucinex and Robatussin both failed. I dont think it's the animals, but probably outside stuff because he's not constantly having problems, only sometimes.

With my time home yesterday, I watched Dora/Diego/Thomas and played with projects. I have finished the stripes of the afghan (except the end-weaving)and am more than half done with sewing stars together. I have made 1 out of 6 half-motifs. I should have the whole thing done this weekend. Yay!! I also did a little on the SuperShow second sock. I'm about 2 inches in or so.

I have some ideas for after I'm done with the afghan, but I'll keep the sock in my purse for a quick fix when I'm out and replace it with the 2nd blue sock thats been not done for 6 months or so. I really want to start working on a quilt. I have so much fabric but becides the Dear Jane I have no idea what to make. I watch all these quilting shows and they all look so beautiful and they make them look so easy, but I don't know. I will also be working on my Dear Jane since there is a lot of applique on that and I can do it while "watching" tv. I will set a goal of giving my brother a quilt for his birthday in March since he's moving into a new place. I just need to figure out what colors he'd like.... and hope I have them in my tiny stash.

Well enough from me, I have lotsa work to do today since I was out yesterday. Enjoy your weekend and be safe!

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