Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ladies night, sock blockers and other ramblings...

Last night was ladies night and the cake I made came out wonderfully! I wanted to share the recipe with you, so I may have to type it up. Yummo! And, I did a cute bowl for Sean. That I can share:

It came out so cute. I'll show the pics once it's been fired also. Green, red, brown and yellow are the main colors. As for the cake, I have successfully traded 1 cake for 4 hockey tickets. Now I just need to get the few things I need to make it and we'll be all set. Jake will be so excited to finally see a game!

I finally got around to getting the pics off my camera from when my brother was here. This is what they spent a good deal of time doing:

It was great fun. I even beat Kerry at Guitar Hero! I'm getting a lot better at it but this past weekend when I saw people playing it for real I don't know how they even SEE the notes that fast, let alone play them! Moving on.

I had been looking for a pair of sock blockers but when I looked on Etsy, they are like $20 a pair for the really cut ones. So, one email to my Dad later, I'm sending him a template and he'll make me some. Yay! Can't wait. Speaking of socks (sort of) I am about 1.5 inches from the heel flap on the 2nd SuperShow sock. Good progress I think! I also have an order for another kid Gator hat and the adult one that I still need to make Dave's wife. I really need to get to Michael's (where I still have some $ on a gift card) and get the yarn for it.

The company that does my paychecks offered an online tax filing thing for $25 (much cheaper than the almost $50 that we pay the CPA). I just need one more form from Disney and we'll be all set to go. Yay.

Um, I guess that's about it. I got the Editorial Calendar for the Crochet! magazine so I really need to start thinking of some publishable ideas. I have one for sure and some other ideas to play around with.

Oh, I almost forgot! I finished the design for Kerry's quilt but I'm still waiting on a color scheme. I also think that I may do it as a 4x4 instead of the 3x4 that is shown. These will be 12" blocks, 2" sashing and 4 border (not shown).

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