Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Owls.... almost done.

I am thisclose to being done. I am on row 18 of 19 (my last cable row) then 1 row of p2, k8. Throw in some decreases and an inch of rib and viola... Owls! I do think I may run out of yarn though... I may have to stop at Joann's on the way home. I love how it's turning out, and I really am not sure about buttons. I may wear it with no buttons at first and then decide if I want them. They are pretty owly (new word, like it?) without the buttons, but would be VERY owly with them. Decisions, decisions. I am hopeful to show you a pic of me wearing the owls tomorrow!

Oh, and I am excited that hubbo got me Electric Quilt for V-day. I cannot WaiT to play with it! Now, if I could only stop the knitting and actually get to some quilting! I just don't like wasting the fabric and until I know how big to cut my half-square triangle squares and make them turn out the right size I don't want to try. I think that EQ will help me with that.

Ok, so knitting, sewing done. No kid pics to share right now. I really need to get some of them, eh? Well, I guess that's it from me for now. Have a great day!

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