Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Owls... mostly.

I finished my sweater! And by finished I mean I finished the knitting and weaving in and am actually wearing it today. It does not, however, have "eyes". I have a couple thoughts when it comes to eyes, and I will look this weekend to see what I can find to make it look like I want it to. Wanna see? Of course you do!!!

I took a pic last night because I thought it would look SO nice with pj bottoms! But you can see the "owls" a little better in that one, but the color is closer in the one from this morning (and my hair is certainly MUCH better). Obviously I had a teensy problem with gauge, since it's tighter than I would normally wear. However, I am certainly willing to diet to fit my sweater! I am impressed with myself in knitting it in 11 days, which is pretty good. I will wait to work on Mom's Christmas Owls, even though the yarn is on sale right now and I could make hers for about $6. Maybe I'll reconsider!

I brought in the SuperShow socks to work on during lunch. I've gotten past the heel and am on the gusset. I figure I have about a week left on them if I only work on them here. I don't know what I'll work on during TV time at home yet, maybe Cliff's afghan or the blue and white sock... I need to figure out what safe place I put that yarn in! Of course, now that I have EQ, I can design some quilty goodness and pay attention to TV (as much as any crocheter or knitter does). While not watching TV I'll work on Kerry's quilt, which is SO not going to be done and in NY in 20 days.

That's it for me, have a good one.

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