Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No updates but Merry Christmas!

Between lunch yesterday and part of NCIS last night I finished the rest of the white stars and did the blue border on 6 of them. I also finished wrapping the few gifts we had left. This morning I went through the market bags I have (had had forgotten about, oddly) and I realized that I had not topstitched 3 of them (I knew about 1 but not the other 2). I have 2 each for my MIL and Travis' brother and his girlfriend. I have to topstitch both of mom's and that leaves 1 extra that is done done and 1 that needs topstitching. They don't go together AT ALL, nor do they go with my Grandfather's bag (I had intended to make him 2 or more but am, sadly, out of time). I may give one to my grandmother to use as a regular tote bag (the done one) and save the other one for something else.

I did manage to get the doughnut dough made and in the fridge. I had to call Nanny to get some more information - like how do you make it into circles (doughnut cutter... whoops!) and is it supposed to be like batter or dough (dough). I had to do a little fudging because I didnt have quite enough white flour and had to add a cup or so of wheat flour. Hopefully it'll taste fine. I'll find out in the morning when I make them! If it works, I may pass along the recipe. We'll see.

As for Christmas, I am looking forward to going to Church tonight with the family. Travis works on Sundays so we havent all been able to go in quite a while. I am really looking forward to spending some time with the family and friends and of course gifts. I cannot wait to see how Sean does. Frankly, I'm a little suprised that he hasn't ripped into anything yet!

Today we will get out of work early but I'm not sure when. Travis is home with both boys so of course he says the sooner the better! But I have to gather the stuff together to make the pinwheels and baked brie. Did you know you can now get crescents in a whole sheet that is not perferated! What a brilliant idea! I have seen SO many recipes for appetizers and whatever for crescent dough but what a pain to roll it so you dont have the perfs falling apart. The recipe I'm using came with my Pampered Chef pizza stone. It calls for cream cheese, parmesan and some herbs and such but I'm using Alouette cheese instead. Same concept, different flavor. I've done it before and it comes out great, and with less ingredients.

That's it for me for now. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Thank God for His gift. Hold tight to your loved ones. Give the kids a great big kiss. I hope that Santa brings you everything you've wished for.

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