Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More progress but not enough

Here's what I made last night.

The front and back of a coaster for Damarys:

The inside and outside of the bowl I made for my MIL:

That little bitty coaster took me almost 2 hours to make. 15 minutes to determine my pattern and fabric and mark for cutting. 10 minutes to iron and cut. 15 minutes to sew (and iron and sew and iron and sew and iron). 10 minutes to sandwich w/inside felty fabric, mark little martini glass inside big square and figure out how to use the fancy embroidery foot and make the martini glass. 2 minutes to admire my work and look for the book on how to do binding & miters. 45 minutes to pin, sew, turn, sew, see mess-up, re-sew and cut threads. 45 minutes. !. My plan to replicate that 6 more times went right out the window. It's cute though, and she likes it and that's all that matters, right? Sigh. Stupid coaster.

I was obviously too busy on that to work on the stars, but did find another on on the shelf from when I was working on them before. I brought in the blue for the star borders and hope to start getting them whipped out at lunch today.

Tonight I'm making shephards pie and while that is in the oven I'll put together the batter for Mom's doughnuts. I wonder how I'm supposed to make them doughnut shaped? Hopefully that's in the recipe.

Sean is still sick. Yesterday afternoon I had to go get him at 4:30 after he puked all over himself and the snack table. When I picked him up, he also decorated my shirt and his other change of clothes. So much fun to have to pick up a perscription with a puke-shirt. Thank goodness it was drivethru! Travis just took him to the doctor and seems he has the flu! He did have a flu shot but apparently he got a different strain. Good news is that it's on the back end and should be gone by Christmas. Here's hoping!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and after work I have church at 5 then to the in-laws for presents and to the kids' God-parents (and God-brother's) house for presents. It'll be fun. I am making aloutte crescent pinwheels and I think a baked brie. Yummmmmm!

I will be at work so I should be able to post here. If not, have a wonderful Christmas!

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