Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Food Pictures

Because I am nice I have decided to share some pics from dinner last night. Yummo!!

Sambuca Shrimp:

Portobello mushroom w/rosemary reduction (SOOO good!, I'm waiting on the recipe) over polenta:

Ravioli Gigante (slightly eaten). The fork gives you an idea how BIG these things were. There were 4:

And finally, the desserts we shared - chocolate cake w/Heath bar crunchies and lemon sorbet w/strawberries:

In Christmas knitting news, I have about 5 inches done on Mom's other sleeve. Yay... only, um, 19 more inches to go! Ugh. I make this C-16 days and counting. Sigh. Well, I'm moving much faster on sleeve #2 than I did on sleeve #, so that is promising anyway.

And speaking of crazy, I may have mentioned to our marketing director that perhaps next year for Christmas, instead of ordering our Board of Directors gifts at $80-$100 a piece, wouldn't it be nice if I could make them all quilts and he can give me that money? Yes, there are 32 of them, why do you ask? Wait, I'm in that count... 31! I don't have any idea how long it will take to do, and my theory is to make one as an example and figure it out that way. Of course, that would mean NO knitting or crocheting next year, Christmas or otherwise. Wonder if Mom could do without another sweater?

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