Monday, December 08, 2008


This weekend was nice and quiet. Especially Sunday. My in-laws took the kids to SeaWorld for the day so I spent some time working on my Christmas gifts. Sean got to meet Santa for the first time, he didn't cry, but didn't really smile. Oh well.

I finished the sleeve on Mom's sweater and started the 2nd sleeve. I mustmustmust be more diligent in my knitting or she won't have a sweater at all come Christmas. I also finished 4 market bags bringing my total to somewhere near 10. Not enough. Not nearly. Today at lunch I plan to work on the sleeve some more. I am hesitent to show another picture of sweater pieces that look like they belong on a barbie so I will wait until I have something sewn together. I have the back, 1 front and 1 sleeve so I can get a start on that side I suppose.

For this evening, Travis has been invited to a test meal at Portobello Yacht Club at the Downtown Disney Marketplace. I am SOO excited because since we have had to completly stop spending money on going out, a free night out is a spectacular thing! Especially to such a nice restaurant. Not sure what I'll get yet, but I have been eyeing the menu this afternoon.

That's it for me. Have a great day.

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