Friday, December 12, 2008

Fabric bowl

Yesterday I stayed home from work because of some, um, issues and I got some work done on Christmas presents. I finished 1 market bag (Pop Pop's and it looks SO cool with the pepper fabric!) and I made him a matching fabric bowl. I had bought the kit on Shopping Day and it included the template, 1 piece of heavy duty fusible interfacing and instructions. I provided 2 fabrics for inside and outside and bright red shiny thread for the satin stitch and viola... fabric bowl. Now, my center could have been a little more, um, octagonal. But for my first go at it I think it turned out really cute. If only I had discovered this before I decided to make market bags! 1 hr on bowl (while learning) vs. 2.5 on bag. Add to that the fact that I want each person to have 3 bags.... do we see the problems that my math-challenged brain did not comprehend? Sigh. Maybe next year. I could do a set of 3 bowls in the same time as 1 bag. Wouldnt that be cute? Oh, pictures. Sure. This is from the top then from the side so you can see the other fabric on the underside.

I really love how it turned out. Now I just need to go and get more interfacing (a Joann's gift card would be fabo right about now!).
In other addled-brain news, I am about half done with Mom's 2nd sweater arm. I cound 13 days until Christmas, is that right? Sigh.

Well, lotsa work to catch-up on and a meeting to leave for at 1:30. Have a great day.

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