Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Froggy butt, RSV, socks (plural) and Jason's gallery exhibit

The other day we went to church and Sean looked like this (well except awake):

That would be a froggy on his butt. I love this outfit, thank you Mammaw. Just. Soo. Cute. You know, you really can't tell from this pic but the top of his head is getting bald-ish. No, really. Here, look:

He's so funny sometimes. Anyway, so yeah he'll be VERY mullet here pretty quick - bald on top and long hair in the back. Have I told you how much his hair cracks me up? No, I'm not really sure why. The color and the sheer amount in the back I guess.

So if I can backtrack a little bit, Sean had a cough on Friday. It got worse on Saturday, and he was pretty miserable on Sunday. I took him to the doc on Monday morning. Now up until now, Sean has had only check-ups with the doc, and never anything wrong... although I'm sure he's not pleased with the shots from that place. He really enjoyed himself when he was laying on the paper waiting for the doc to come in:

Now, my camera is pretty quick, but his little legs were moving so fast just to hear the crinkle noises from the paper that I couldnt get a clear shot. Oh, and he's 12 lbs, 5 ounces. So back to the doc. Doc did a nasal swab (wherein he stuck a teeny tiny swab up his nose all the way to his BRAIN) and this pissed off the baby. Sean was NOT. HAPPY. He screamed and screamed - much worse than shots. Even the day he had 4 shots. No, he didnt like that one bit. And I think he was a little offended by Dr K too, since he kept giving him madface. But Doc came back a few minutes later with the little tester thing and said he's either pregnant or positive for RSV (the little tester looked like a pregnancy test - 2 pink lines). RSV is a respritory virus that effects babies under 6 months - something like 3-5% end up in the hospital so it can be a big deal. If bigger kids or adults come in contact, they may get a little stuffy nose. I havent felt any different since he's been sick, neither has Jake or Travis. Just the usual adverse reactions to the crap in the air. So he has grape decongestant, and a VERY adverse reaction to his formula - as in I had to change his clothes 3 times last night from the projectile hurling. So, he's on a pedalyte diet. Please pray he gets better quick - its back to daycare with him tomorrow (no worries, the next youngest is 18 months).

Socks. Knit socks. Crocheted socks. Here's one of each - in progress.

I found a pattern for a crochet sock that is supposed to fit in a shoe (my problem with crochet socks until now). I started this sock yesterday when I really should have been finishing up secondsock, but we know how I am. This yarn was a Christmas giftee from one of my crochet group friends and I really like the colors. It may or may not be for someone for Christmas, not sure yet. We'll see how they fit. If they fit me they will be mine. If they are a little too small, they will have another home. So far they are ok, and almost too small but I'm not sure how the heel will work out. I'll let you know.

So my brother-in-law Jason is an artist, and a darn good one at that. He's had his paintings in galleries throughout Tampa, and they sell well too. I like his work, and a bunch of others do too. Anyway, he's got a gallery opening - a big one! Friday night (4/6) from 6-9pm at Hoffman Porges Gallery on 7th in Ybor, he is opening his exhibit of 12 Tampa Boomtown era paintings for the 2nd "From Cracker to Flapper!" Exhibition. You can check out this collection here: www.heritagecelebration.org. Here is one of the paintings he did a while ago of Stacy (my hopefully soon to be sister in law)(HINT HINT JASON)(moving on):

If you can make it out to the gallery, the show closes April 30, and it would be great to see the arts being supported.

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