Friday, April 27, 2007

It's Friday.

You have no idea how happy I am about that. Sean's been having tummy problems, I think, and it's keeping him up and screaming at night. Last night was a little better than the night before so that's good. I am hoping that tonight is a good night. I really just wish I knew what was wrong with him - gas drops dont do anything and he's been getting a fever - and when I give him tylenol for that it helps. Tummy problems dont cause fevers, so I am stumped.

We have decided on a Movie theme for our convention. I think I will be some sort of princess, but I'm not sure yet. I've had a few different ideas running through my head. I am looking forward to going to the costume shop to see what's available.

On the lion front - I have cut out most of the pieces, then I ran out of pins and borrowed some from the in-laws. Then last night when I was going to cut out the rest I couldnt find the pins. Strange strange. I'll try again tonight. If all else fails, I need pink yarn, milk and baby tylenol so I'll get more when I get those things, and give the MIL the new ones. I am still scared spitless at the thought of actually sewing this thing - especially since I dont understand some of the instructions. Should prove to be quite interesting!

I worked a little tiny bit on the co-worker's housewarming afghan. I'm not even half done with with 1 square... so I'm pretty sure this will not be done by the party on 5/26! Today I brought the skull hat pattern and a hook, and I'll try to crochet it. If that works then I'll submit it to the crochet calendar. I have never crocheted a hat bottom up, but I think I can do it like knitting, except make the cuff shortways. We'll have to see how that works out...wish me luck.

That's really it for now, have a fantastic weekend.

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