Friday, March 30, 2007

I am...

I did this in August of '05 at the challenge from a blog somewhere. I just found it again and wanted to share.

I am from Nanny’s Afghans, from Glazier hot dogs and 160 acres of Heaven.
I am from the compost heap with the snake that pokes his head out just to say hello when you kick the wood.
I am from the garden on the side of the house, the wild strawberries growing in the front yard and shooting stars.
I am from Tree trimming parties and crooked teeth, from Nanny and Pop Pop and ReRe.
I am from the crafty and homemade.
From Jacques Cartier discovering the St Lawrence and this is how you make a crochet chain.
I am from Christians, Catholics and Jews. I am from the Love of God and the Fear of the Lord.
I'm from Waddington and Massena, pecan pie and Daddy’s fudge.
From the dollhouse that my father made when I was born and Nanny & Pops restaurant where I would get a hot dog and chocolate milk, sit on the red swirley seat and listen to I love a Rainy Night on the juke box.
I am from an old scrapbook filled with memories tucked away in my closet with my purses and comic collection. When I feel lonely I dig it out and pour over the newspaper clippings, family pictures and wedding invitations. Look into the smiling faces of my family and friends and you will see laughter and trust and love.

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