Wednesday, April 11, 2007

sick. And tired. and getting closer.

Yep, I'm sick. Sinus infection, plus the doc said I have seasonal allergies. Thats a new one on me and I dont like it. Not one bit. So, my $57 tab at Walgreens netted me 5 antibiotics, a months supply of alergy meds and nasal spray. Not. Thrilled. I am glad I got it early, I just started feeling the tickle in my throat last night and this morning I went next door to the docs (handy, that). Now I feel like I've lost a fist fight with a mac truck. Ugh.

Tired, with Sean still waking up a couple times at night, but he's getting better at it. Yay. His little breathing treatments are going ok. We got a new nebulizer for him and it makes the treatments super fast. Like 2 minutes instead of the 10-15 it usually takes. Thats some progress!

The hat. Here is what it looked like this morning before I frogged some:

Then I worked on it some while I was waiting for the doc, then some at lunch. Here is what it looks like:
The frogging occured (successfully even)(I can be excited about that, it's the first time I was brave enough to do it!) because I didnt like how the white on top was looking. And I didnt like how the decreases were going. Also, please see the black eye in the top pic - yeah, didnt fix that either because I wasnt gonna frog THAT much! So, this one will go to Jake and Andrew will get the not wonky one. I think I will do without the extra line below the skulls, and do the barb and a line on top too. Thoughts? Or perhaps just a barb on top and bottom? Not sure yet. We'll see. I am about 30 minutes from being done with this, which is great. I figure about 4 hours of work on it isnt too bad, eh?

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Danielle said...

Ok its been long enough, I want to see the end result of the skull hat *grin*
Hope your feeling better!!