Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday, Bloody Monday

Ok, so tonight I think I'm going to Riverdance - I should know soon if Stacy has scored us tickets. I really enjoyed going with my Mom a couple months ago, and I think this is a different show all together. Even if it's the same, it should still be cool.

The kids will be staying at the in-laws tonight and tomorrow night. Tomorrow is Travis' and I's 8 year wedding anniversary. Wanna see me that day? Of course you do.

Boy does that seem like a million years ago! But our family has grown.. gaining 2 sons, a cat and 30 pounds. Ok, fine, 40... but I just had a baby! Pass the chips. Moving on.

So in the morning at 7 (isnt that before the buttcrack of dawn?) we'll be leaving for Panama City Beach for a site inspection of this hotel: and stay the night there, then the next morning go to to see that hotel, then head home. Lots and lots of driving (at $.485 cents per mile) plus overtime plus a free suite, and breakfast and dinner and all that AND time ALONE with Travis with no children. Pity we have to be at Sandestin at 9, otherwise we'd get to sleep in. Oh well, guess I cant have my cake and eat it too, eh?

Friday Travis is going with Jake on his fieldtrip to - I'm sure it will be a fun time for them.

Sunday Travis has a day off and we're all going to Magic Kingdom to visit a new attraction called the Laugh Factory, then to Epcot for FLower and Garden Festival.

I hear that the Travelocity Gnome is there... I told Gnombert... He is SOOO excited that he wants to leave right now!

And finally, tomorrow Miranda Lambert's new cd "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" comes out. I am trying to figure out how to knock Travis out long enough for us to stop at a Walmart between here and Panama City so I can get it. Any thoughts?
Anyway, have a great few days, and I'll let you know how it goes.

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