Wednesday, April 04, 2007

the bright side

Well, Sean is feeling better, or he was this morning when I brought him to daycare. He didnt need his congestion meds last night, and he did fine with pedilyte mixed with formula. Did I tell you about that? How the regular formula made him projectile vomit and the nurse said to do pedilyte mixed with half the normal amt of formula. Anyway, it worked fine. And, he slept until 5:11. !! He was cute last night and I had Travis take a couple pics, since I'm a dumbass and left my camera on my desk charging. Me! Me who ALWAYS has her camera. Eh, guess I'm not perfect afterall. Shh, dont tell anyone! The cuteness involved the fact that he's sucking his thumb like I did when I was little. (Pretend to see adorable Sean pic here)

I have been working on the crochet sock, and got to the heel part. I've ripped it out 3 times now. Hopefully tonight at crochet group someone can help me. It's not a very well written pattern and I am thisclose to making it up. I will give the pattern one more chance.

I got my new Yarn Harlot book. Go here and get yours too!

I have really only thumbed through it but am looking forward to reading it. I'm about 3 inches away from finishing secondsock. Thats great progress I think. And, unlike it's crocheted cousin, I have not wanted to throw it across the room.

I guess thats really about it. Sorry for the no-pics. And before you ask, I already have my pretty pink camera back in my purse where it belongs.

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