Monday, April 09, 2007

Lotsa stuff (and lotsa pics)

Ok, we'll start with Friday. Jason had his gallery opening and apparently it went really well. He's got a few promising bites on some of the paintings, which is fantastic. Here's a few of the paintings and the HUGE banner:

There's more, and once I find out of he's gonna get himself a website and post them I'll letcha know. He's got such talent, and we're very proud. Now if only he'd make a few million so we could all retire!

I finished second sock, but didnt take a pic - it pretty much looks exactly like the first one... good thing! Now it's living in my closet until Christmas when I'll figure out who will get it. And speaking of socks, remember the crochet sock project - yeah... I need to find a better pattern. The instructions were clear as mud when I got to the joining part, and the way the words made sense looked nothing like a human foot so it's sitting there waiting patiently to be pulled out and be knitted into a sock.

But until then, I have decided to make a skull cap for Jake's God-brother for Christmas (or his b-day, not sure yet). Black with white skull & crossbones around the bottom. It's fair isle, and Real Knitting, so wish me luck. I got the idea yesterday when Andrew was riding his bike outside with Jake and I noticed his helmet has the skull on it. Brilliant I thought! Andrew will be 12 (or 13?) this September, and I think he'll like it. Depending on how it turns out, I may make Cliffy one too for his Pirate cruises. We'll have to see how painful the Real Knitting is. It involves a chart. On graph paper. With repeats. I'm.Very.Afraid. I'll start it at lunch. Cross your hooks and sticks for me. Oh, and here's a pic of Stacy in her sweater... and you can see the cable action!

Here's what Easter looked like:

Gnombert enjoyed it, Sean enjoyed himself, Jake had a blast.
And finally I give you Jake's bike. With training wheels. That dont train because they dont touch the ground. It looks like he's flying when he rides - quite amusing. He knows this, but refuses to let us take them off.

...Until today. Jake is officially a 2 wheel bike rider. I'll post pics tomorrow!

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