Friday, April 20, 2007

Lion fur, babies, hats

As you know I got the fabric to make the lion costume. Scary scary stuff, but here it is. And should any of you want to create said lion, I would be MORE than willing to allow that!

Should be interesting, wish me luck. And no, I havent started it, sheer fear, let me tell you. Moving on.

Here are the kids yesterday, So.Cute. You can see the owie on Jake's upper lip from a pool incident that he blames on Stacy (no clue). He's still cute though.
I finished Cliffy's hat last night, I just need to weave in the ends. Yay, so that makes 3, and I still have enough yarn to probably make 2 more hats out of the same skeins. Quick and easy, and that's always a good thing. I sent off the pattern to the Knit Pattern a Day Calendar. It would be cool to be an award winning crocheter, but published knitter. Also, I will work on that same chart and a hook to see if it goes right, and if so I'll submit that too.
Nothing going on this weekend, I was thinking of taking the kids to the park, we'll see. I dont have any socks (!) on the needles, and the sweater isnt exactly portable. And I certainly wouldnt DREAM of casting on another pair of socks just for a trip to the park, right? Tee hee.
Have a fantastic weekend.

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