Monday, March 02, 2009

Lots of finishing and some making progress.

I have FINISHED the owl's sweater by adding "eyes". My eyes are bluish pearly beads and they match wonderfully!

I love how it has turned out, even if I realized that I did my top cable wrong and they look more like snowmen than owls. Oh well. I still love it and I will be sure to do mom's right.

I have also finished making all the blocks (pieced and plain) for Kerry's quilt. I have added 1 side of sashing to all of them and I brought them today to lay out and try to figure out how I want to position the pieces. Also in the consideration phase is weather I want colorful corner stones or just surround the blocks in black sashing and no corner stones. Then come borders. I have enough (I think) of the pepper fabric for the whole back, or at least most of the back that when combined with black will be a whole back. I need to figure out the front first then I'll fiddle with the back. Once I have it all laid out this afternoon I'll show you another pic.

I have not made progress on the purse except that I bought handles and promptly forgot the suede at home that I was going to work on today at lunch. No worries, I have Pop Pop's socks and the SuperShow socks with me, and the quilt of course.

That's it for me, have a great Monday.

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