Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fingers crossed

I actually finished up the Purse-Onality and took it's pics and sent it off to the mag editor. I really like how it came out and hopefully she will too. In may I'll submit Sweet Summertime then I'll see if something else strikes my fancy. But for now, wish me luck!

I have plans to start my veggie garden this weekend. I have asked my Mom and my friend Jen to come over for some good ole fashioned slave labor with the promise of sharing veggies! Fair, right? I thought so too. I am going to start some seeds to sprout today when I get home.

I haven't touched Kerry's quilt but I am at the heel turn of Brainless. Speaking of, I have pics to show off from the Hockey game.

I went with Travis, Jake and Butch (my father in-law). We had so much fun, even though we lost. I was suprised to see SO many more people rooting for Toronto than Tampa. It was sad really.

Security did not stop me or even look at me funny for my purse contents. I was not able to work on Brainless during actual play (BOY is hockey fast!) but during the halftime (or whatever they call it) and before the game started:

And Cheerleading on ice skates adds a WHOLE other level of difficulty, yes?

Well I'm out for now. Keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers... I'll be stalking my in-box.

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