Tuesday, March 24, 2009

working on it

I was home sick yesterday with the blahs, so tired and sore and generally feeling icky. I have not gotten most of the sock done, I have about 3 inches to go and I like it. I dread the second sock, because this isnt an easy one, but I like it anyway. Hopefully I'll not have another singleton. However, I could wear them together... one blue and white and the other pink and purple. Think anyone would notice?

I also got the quilting done on my brothers quilt. BOY do I suck at that! It is not even remotly even in any way. I have the first side of border pinned on, I'll try to work on that while I'm busy ignoring the president.

In gardening news, I got it planted. I do still need to get another tomato so that I can have a pair... we need 2 to tango. All of the seeds that I planted had already sprouted in my little windowsill greenhouse. I used 2 boxes(corn & cukes) that are 3x1ft plus 2 round pots 9-11 inches (tomato & chives / cilantro) and a bigger round pot that is like 2ft across (broccoli / carrot). The carrots and cukes are smaller sizes - pickling cukes and some fancy name for midget carrots so hopefully they wont get too crowded. When the corn gets 6-9 inches tall I'll have to move them to the ground, but I have a little time before that happens.

Lets see... sock, quilt, garden, ok. Still nothing from the mag, but hopefully soon! I'll try to show off my sock tomorrow.

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